Conversation Starters to Discuss Home Care with Seniors

  Noticed any of these signs that could indicate a senior needs extra help at home? Messy house, clutter, pots and pans piling up Confusion over once-familiar tasks Difficulty with balance and mobility Confusing or missing medication doses Signs of depression, loss of interest in favorite hobbies and activities Decline in personal hygiene Loss of weight When the signs of … Read More

Protect Seniors from Isolation Through In-Home Care

Everyone needs a little time to get away from it all, to be alone with our thoughts or to settle in with a good book. But when that alone time becomes excessive, we become at risk for social isolation – an all too common occurrence as we age. And its effects are more detrimental than you may realize, with the … Read More

Visiting Angels Helps Seniors Embrace Technology for Caregiving Needs

When someone needs extra help to remain living at home, the endless list of new responsibilities for family caregivers can be overwhelming. Thankfully, with the help of professional caregivers such as at Visiting Angels and a little modern technology, aging safely at home can be a practical long-term care solution. When faced with caregiving challenges, many are compelled to place … Read More

“What?” – Ways to Help Those Who Experience Hearing Loss with Age

Hearing Loss with Age

“Pardon me?” “Will you repeat that, dear?” “I apologize – what did you say?” If this sounds like a common reaction in your discussions with a beloved senior, you are not alone. The National Institute on Aging records a strong relationship between growing older and hearing problems, with nearly half of those age 75 and older encountering hearing difficulties. Hearing … Read More

3 Helpful Home Care Products to Make Life at Home Easier

Home Care Products

As your loved one ages, adaptive home care products can aid in making everyday life around the home simpler and less dangerous. There are scores of home care products obtainable today that can make older adults’ lives safer and more secure. At Visiting Angels, we wish to provide you with some expert recommendations for purchasing and using just a few … Read More

To Have a Bath or Not to Have a Bath? – Bathing Solutions for the Elderly

bathing solutions

What feels finer than sinking into a warm, relaxing bath at the conclusion of a long, stressful day? While many of us relish the wonderful comfort that bathtime brings, for seniors, especially those struggling with the challenges of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, to have a bath is anything but blissful. For a variety of reasons, such as memory problems, feelings … Read More

Alzheimer’s Personal Care Battles? Our Home Care Agency in California Offers Help.

home care agency in California

Helping another person with personal care needs, such as bathing, dressing and assistance with using the bathroom, can be uncomfortable for all involved. It’s difficult to put modesty aside and allow someone to assist you when you’re at your most vulnerable. And there are times when seniors, most notably those with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia, become terribly anxious … Read More

How to Discuss the Possibility of Home Care in Sunnyvale with Loved Ones

home care in sunnyvale

As we begin to age, there comes a time when we simply cannot do certain things for ourselves anymore. Small initial concerns can become genuine worries for our loved ones’ safety. If you determine there’s a safety issue that cannot be ignored, approach the senior with a sense of planning to find a solution rather than trying to enforce any … Read More

When Home Care Services May Be Appropriate

Safety An elderly senior wishes to remain at home but needs some extra help with meals and daily tasks in order to remain healthy and safe A senior is losing his or her eyesight, has lost a driver’s license and would like transportation, assistance with daily tasks and assistance with safety and tips to make living at home more comfortable … Read More

Successful Solutions to Overcoming Hoarding

senior care hoarding

For those who grew up during the Depression, saving, reusing and not being wasteful are an ingrained way of life. However, there’s a fine line between being resourceful and compulsive hoarding, which can quickly become unsanitary and even dangerous. Helping people who hoard understand how their problem interferes in living the life they desire can be a powerful motivator, especially … Read More