Stay Active with Alzheimer’s

While an Alzheimer’s diagnosis is often dispiriting, there is so much information about Alzheimer’s out there for you to glean. For instance, the importance of staying active even with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. There are many ways that patients can stay active throughout the course of the disease. Supporting a sense of self and focusing on retained skills, memories, and habits are where caregivers should begin when developing successful activities for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.

Routine is very important, particularly as the disease progresses. Find activities that the individual enjoys that can be done regularly, ideally at the same time each day, and draw the person into the activity. Below are a few structured activities that focus on different abilities:


  • Take a walk
  • Perform chair exercises
  • Stretch


  • Listen to the person’s favorite music
  • Listen to books on tape
  • Watch TV/movies
  • Look at picture books (photography, nature, etc.)
  • Gentle hand or foot massage


  • Invite friends or relatives over
  • Look at scrapbooks and ask questions about the photos
  • Play card or board games
  • Plant and tend to an indoor garden

As home care professionals, the staff at Visiting Angels is always happy to help you and your family members determine the right kind of activities for a loved one with Alzheimer’s in the San Francisco Bay area. For more information on how we can help, contact us in Alameda County at (510) 284-0000 or in Santa Clara County at (408) 735-0977.