Sunnyvale home health care


  • An elderly senior wishes to remain at home but needs some extra help with meals and daily tasks in order to remain healthy and safe
  • A senior is losing his or her eyesight, has lost a driver’s license and would like transportation, assistance with daily tasks and assistance with safety and tips to make living at home more comfortable

Return Home from the Hospital, a Nursing or Rehab Facility

  • A person is being discharged from the hospital or a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility and requires transportation home and assistance with picking up medications, grocery shopping, making meals and tidying up
  • Care is needed in the 72-hour period between hospital discharge and when a home health nurse is scheduled to start services and provide some assistance
  • A person is recovering after a stroke
  • A person is recovering after a heart attack or heart surgery
  • A person is returning home after an injury or an illness

Death of a Spouse or Caregiving Family Member

  • A caregiving spouse has died and the family needs a temporary or long-term care solution for the person for whom care was provided
  • A caregiver is needed during the funeral service so all the family can attend
  • A frail senior has lost a spouse recently and is unused to living at home alone and could benefit from companionship, and/or help with meals, transportation and housework

Education and Help Managing Chronic Disease Symptoms

  • Parkinson’s as well as many other chronic, debilitating conditions
  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia
  • Multiple sclerosis

Increasing Frailty

  • A senior lives alone and is becoming increasingly frail and the family is concerned about safety
  • A senior is recovering from hip surgery and is prone to another fall

Recovering from Illness, Cancer or Surgery

  • A person is recovering from an acute illness and requires extra care during recovery
  • A person needs some extra help at home to assist while recuperating from chemotherapy treatments
  • A person is homebound after elective surgery

Caregiver Requires Some Time off from Caregiving

  • A family caregiver would like some assistance with care in order to get some respite from the demanding care needs being provided
  • A family caregiver needs some assistance in order to go to work
  • A caregiver is needed during a family vacation (some agencies offer care during travel, or even travel assistance/accompaniment)

For more information on how a home care agency can assist, call the Sunnyvale home health care experts at Visiting Angels at (408) 735-0977.

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