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Top 5 Considerations When Choosing Elder Care in Alameda

January 11th, 2018

Patient and caregiver spend time togetherWhen a senior loved one is in need of home care services, there are a variety of available choices, and deciding where to turn can be overwhelming. For instance, should you hire a professional home care agency, a privately hired caregiver, or use a caregiving registry? And how can you determine which home care option is best for your loved one’s specific needs? There are pros and cons with most choices, but when it comes to in-home care, the answer is clear: hiring a professional elder care agency in Alameda County like Visiting Angels is the best choice for the highest quality care for a variety of reasons: (more…)

Handle the Hardest of Dementia Symptoms – Secret Tools from San Jose In Home Care Experts

July 25th, 2017

Handle the Hardest of Dementia SymptomsFor individuals caring for a senior struggling with Alzheimer’s disease or another kind of dementia, a number of complicated effects need to be very carefully handled, but possibly the most difficult of dementia symptoms to handle are the hallucinations and the illusions, and the suspicions that other individuals are out to cause injury or harm. Incorrect perceptions such as these happen most commonly in the late stages of progressive dementia due to changes within the brain. It’s essential to first understand the reason behind these emotions and behaviors, and to address the underlying cause.


Causes for hallucinations may be the result of a general confusion, a medicine side effect or an infection. Talk to the health care provider to rule out medication side effects or infections, but also pay attention to the person’s environment.

For example:

  • If the person complains about hearing someone talking: Is a TV or radio on nearby that could be causing the issue?
  • If the person believes he or she is always being watched: Try pulling the drapes closed over the windows.
  • If the individual sees insects moving across the table: Is there a patterned tablecloth that may be triggering the perception?

When illusions do occur, don’t debate about whether or not they are real, but instead evaluate the circumstance, assure the individual in a serene voice and change the person’s environment as necessary or respond to the individual’s feelings.

For instance:

  • “I do not see any bugs on the table, but you seem anxious, so let’s go into the living room until they can be gotten rid of.”
  • “You believe you saw a person in that side of the room? Let’s turn the light on over there so we can see more clearly. Would that help you feel more at ease?”


A person with dementia might accuse other people of stealing things, of unacceptable behavior or of betrayal. This may possibly be due to a general confusion or memory loss, but might also be a way for the person to express anxiety.

How to respond:

  • Take “no” out of your vocabulary. Don’t disagree, become offended or try to persuade the senior otherwise.
  • Reassure him/her, permitting him or her to share feelings.
  • Try and come up with a simple answer to the complaint.
  • Redirect, such as by distracting the individual with another activity.
  • Respond to the requirement instead of the words.
  • Obtain duplicates of regularly lost objects, for instance a purse or wallet. If one is lost, the alternate can be given to the person.

It is no doubt that providing care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease can be complicated at times. It’s critical to depend on the support of others for guidance, resources and respite from the everyday responsibilities. Call on the San Jose in home care experts at Visiting Angels to provide top notch caregivers who are specially trained in the art of patient, innovative dementia care strategies to ensure your loved one is safe, comfortable and living life to the fullest. Contact us online or call us at 408-610-9996.

How to Handle Memory Loss for Better Dementia Care | San Jose, CA

July 12th, 2017

Alzheimer’s disease can alter someone’s mind so that recollections regarding current happenings are forgotten or mixed up while those from the more remote past often stay intact. The memory loss of more current events can also cause earlier times to make more sense to an individual with Alzheimer’s disease. A person’s alternate reality can be his/her strategy of making sense of the present through past memories.

Older adults with dementia or Alzheimer’s may have problems expressing themselves, and in some cases their alternate reality has more to do with a need or a specific feeling they are attempting to express than it has to do with the things they are saying.

For instance:

  • “When is my wife going to be home?” This question could possibly be more about a need for affection or acceptance or a home cooked meal than it could be about wanting to see his wife, who died a number of years ago. The right answer to learn more might be, “Why do you want to see her?”
  • “I need to deliver all these casseroles to the neighbors before the end of the day.” Though these casseroles don’t exist, the words may indicate a need for intention in daily life or desiring to be engaged in an activity. An appropriate answer to discover more could be, “Why did you make casseroles for your friends?”

Maintaining a record of these kinds of happenings could help you see trends in needs. The more you listen and pay close attention, the easier it will be to understand the reasoning behind the alternate reality and how to best react.

Should You Play Along?

Provided that the scenario is not going to be dangerous or inappropriate, it is fine to play along with the older person’s alternate reality. Doing so will not make the dementia worse. Remember, your loved one’s reality is true to the person and going along with it can make your loved one feel better.

If the scenario is inappropriate or may cause danger to the senior, try to react to the perceived need while redirecting the individual to something less harmful or more appropriate.

Keep in mind these 3 steps:

  1. Reassure the individual.
  2. Respond to his/her need.
  3. Redirect if required.

Also, call on the expert in-home care services of Visiting Angels for dementia care in San Jose, California. Our caregivers are experts in caring for people with Alzheimer’s disease and can provide respite care services for family caregivers who need some time to refresh and recharge. Contact us online or call us at 408-610-9996.

3 Helpful Home Care Products to Make Life at Home Easier

June 8th, 2017

As your loved one ages, adaptive home care products can aid in making everyday life around the home simpler and less dangerous. There are scores of home care products obtainable today that can make older adults’ lives safer and more secure. At Visiting Angels, we wish to provide you with some expert recommendations for purchasing and using just a few of the most widely used pieces of home care equipment.


A commode can replace both a raised toilet seat and a toilet safety framework and offers the additional advantage of being movable, so can be utilized individually at a bedside as well.

Guidelines for purchase:

  • Search for one with non-removable armrests and rubber tips on the legs instead of wheels, and check for sturdiness.
  • Look for a commode that includes both a pail (with lid) and a sleeve (for use over the toilet).


A rollator is a four-wheeled walker that contains a brake system, a seat, and a basket. They work effectively both indoors and outdoors, provide a seat when the user needs to rest, and the basket allows users to carry objects with them, keeping their hands free to work the rollator.

Guidelines for purchase:

  • Bigger wheels are preferred, as they roll easier on uneven ground and are generally more sturdy.
  • Look for a light-weight, foldable version so that it can fit in the trunk of a vehicle.
  • Test out the hand brakes before purchase to make sure that they are not stiff or difficult to use.
  • Search for a rollator with a cushioned seat for comfort.
  • Versions that allow easy accessibility to the basket while in the normal walking position are preferable.

Shower bench vs. shower board

A shower bench is beneficial for older adults who feel insecure when lifting their legs over the side of the tub and greatly minimizes the chance of slips when getting into and out of the bathtub.

The primary benefits of shower benches over shower boards are that they have backrests and are height adaptable. Having a taller surface makes getting up from a seated position less difficult and backrests provide more support to seniors who tire more easily. Shower boards can also be difficult to fit securely to a tub.

Guidelines for purchase:

  • Search for a shower bench with a handle and backrest that can be adjusted to accommodate different bathtubs.
  • Make sure to also invest in a quality hand held sprayer that connects to the faucet and is simple to use.

For additional tips and information on home care products, feel free to contact the Fremont home health care professionals at Visiting Angels online or call us at 510-284-0000.

Living with MS: Staying Comfortable and Safe at Home with Multiple Sclerosis

March 24th, 2017

Living with MSAs the famous author Jane Austen said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” And for those living with MS, comfort is essential, as is remaining safe. If a family member has been diagnosed with MS, the first step in caregiving should be to make the necessary modifications so the home is a safe, comfortable sanctuary, and not a dangerous place.

Multiple sclerosis can cause getting around to be difficult, and because daily activities — including recreational activities — can result in fatigue more quickly in people with MS, creating specific changes to the home environment may help conserve energy and increase independence.

Some examples include:

  • Change out thick carpeting with smooth, nonslip flooring for easier mobility
  • Put grab bars in the bathroom
  • Reposition furniture to widen pathways throughout the home
  • Include items in the shower or bathtub such as a handheld showerhead, a slip resistant bath mat and a bathtub seat
  • Consider a bed rail to assist with changing sleeping positions
  • Replace knobs throughout the home with handles, which are easier to manage

If you have a loved one who is living with MS, Visiting Angels of Sunnyvale, San Jose and Fremont, CA can provide in-home modification guidelines and help in scheduling customizations to ensure your loved one’s residence is a more convenient place for independence. To discover more about our in-home care services in Santa Clara County and the surrounding area, contact us at 408-735-0977 or 510-284-0000 or 408-610-9996. Our in-home care from expert caregivers can help individuals stay in the comfort of their home, with the care needed to improve quality of life.

California Home Care Services Help Caregivers Keep Their New Year’s Resolutions

December 7th, 2016

California Home Care ServicesNew Year’s resolutions: we love to make them, and can’t help but break them. Perhaps you’ve been motivated to eat better, lose those stubborn few pounds, quit a bad habit, or exercise more regularly; but life has a way of disrupting our intentions, especially for Californians providing home care services for a senior loved one.

To improve quality of life for both yourself and the senior for whom you offer care, and to discover a New Year’s resolution you’ll actually want to adhere to in the months and years to come, try one of these recommendations, courtesy of Visiting Angels of Fremont and Sunnyvale:

  1. Be kind – to yourself. Recognize the tremendous selflessness required in caring for another, and make a point to treat yourself to regular, small rewards as a thank-you: a favorite treat from the ice cream shop, lunch ordered in, the latest book from your favorite writer, a vase of flowers, etc.
  2. Take time for self-care. Pre-flight emergency instructions stress the need to ensure your oxygen mask is on before assisting somebody else, and this is just as true on land as in the air. Caring for yourself allows you to supply the highest quality care for your loved one. So maintain regular medical checkups, get lots of rest, and ensure you’re eating a balanced diet.
  3. Seek out support. Finding a support group for family caregivers, especially one for a condition that your particular loved one is battling, such as Alzheimer’s disease, lets you understand you’re not alone. The Internet provides a wealth of resources for online support groups if attending meetings that are in-person is a challenge.
  4. Release feelings. Taking care of another person is wrought with feelings, from fear to anger to frustration to helplessness. It’s important to find a safe release that is productive for these emotions, through journaling or talking with a friend or counselor, for instance.
  5. Request help. No man – or caregiver – is an island, and you probably have plenty of willing friends and neighbors, as well as other family members who would want to provide support, if only they were asked. It’s a sign of strength, not weakness, to accept help.

Visiting Angels of Fremont and Sunnyvale, CA can be counted on to partner with you with trusted in-home care. Our respite care services provide family caregivers with aging care specialists that are fully trained and experienced in many different aspects of care:

  • Personal care, such as washing and dressing
  • House care, such as light housework and laundry
  • Companion care, including engaging in conversation, playing cards and games, and participating in hobbies and interests
  • And more, according to each senior’s needs

Caring for senior loved ones is a rewarding, yet challenging job, and one that you don’t have to undertake alone. Contact Visiting Angels in our Fremont or Sunnyvale home care offices at 800-969-0499 to learn more about our California home care services or to schedule a free in-home assessment to explore how we can share the care journey with you – and to assist you in keeping your resolution to provide the best care for your senior loved one.

Caregiver Guilt? Visiting Angels’ California Home Care Services Can Help

October 25th, 2016

California Home Care Services Most of us are juggling a number of things at any given time, and for caregivers, it often feels like they’re juggling knives and flaming swords on top of it. It’s normal to experience feelings of being overwhelmed and guilty with all the responsibilities involved with caring for a loved one, whether that person is your spouse, your parent, or someone else.

Guilt can come in many forms. Maybe you feel like you’re spending too little time with your loved one. You may experience guilt if you’re thinking about an assisted living facility for your loved one. You feel guilty because your loved one’s dementia-fueled repetitions made you snap. Or you could feel guilty about neglecting your own children’s needs in order to care for your senior loved one.

It’s important to remember that you’re doing the best you can, and it’s perfectly fine to seek help.

Let’s take a closer look at that statement. First: You’re doing the best you can. You probably agree, but do you believe it? When the guilt starts to creep in, remind yourself:

  • I am doing the best I can.
  • My loved one appreciates me, even if he or she can’t or won’t say so.
  • Mistakes will happen.
  • I can’t control or fix the past, but I can control how I feel about it.
  • I am doing enough.

Think about putting these affirmations on Post-Its around the house, maybe on the refrigerator or inside the medicine cabinet. If there’s a particular statement you really like, use the calendar app on your cell phone to schedule it as a daily reminder.

Second: It’s perfectly acceptable to seek help, whether through California home care services such as Visiting Angels, or from relatives, friends, or your loved one’s friends.

Let’s begin with your loved one’s network of friends. So often, people will say, “Let me know if there’s anything I can do.” But how often do we take them up on that offer? Your mother’s friends from her card club probably do want to help, but they might be holding back because they don’t want to step on your toes. Contact them and ask for specific assistance. “Could you come visit with Mom every Wednesday for an hour?” You’ll likely be surprised at how willing people are to pitch in — they just need to know what you need.

Nearby siblings and other relatives might also just need to be given a specific task. Remember, if you can receive help for even a few small weekly tasks, you will feel less overwhelmed. Maybe Aunt Susie is able to take Dad to his weekly exercise class, or Cousin Mike can bring Grandma with him to church.

If siblings and other relatives live far away, ask them to handle tasks that can be done over the phone or online. Need someone to look into adult day care facility options?  Looking for the most affordable pharmacy option for your parent’s prescriptions? Delegate those tasks.

Or even better, request the help of a professional home care agency such as Visiting Angels. Our California home care services include help with the following, and much more:

  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Regular respite care
  • Transportation to appointments, shopping and events
  • Light housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Specialized care for persons with dementia
  • Connections to community resources and caregiver support groups

Visiting Angels can be a partner with you as you walk this caregiving journey with your loved one. Our fully trained and experienced home care staff can provide your loved one with companionship while assisting with daily tasks like hygiene, medication management, and laundry. Our kind, caring professionals will make sure your loved one gets the help he or she needs. Just give us a call at (408) 735-0977 or (510)-284-0000 to share your concerns with us and learn more about how we can help.

How Visiting Angels’ California Home Care Services Help Families Facing a Cancer Diagnosis

June 8th, 2016

California Home Care Services When someone you love has cancer, it’s natural to want to drop everything and help that person, but taking on the role of a caregiver is not without challenges. Treatment for cancer and the side effects that result can be particularly difficult for both the patients themselves and their loved ones, and feeling overwhelmed at times is normal.

As a caregiver, realize that it’s important to know and accept your own limits, and that reaching your limit does not mean that you have failed. It’s also important to have a support system in place to ensure that you’re taking care of both your loved one and yourself. Determine which tasks you will do yourself, and which ones you will need help with.

These caregiving tips can help ensure success for both yourself and your loved one:

  • Build your support system. Enlist the help of family, friends, members of your faith community, neighbors, coworkers, etc. and find out who you can go to when you need assistance with your loved one’s care. Often people are happy to help; they just need to be asked.
  • Look into respite care services in your area. Respite care services, such as Visiting Angels provides, offer experienced caregivers who can spend quality time with your loved one while you run errands or take some personal time away. He or she can help with feeding, bathing, transportation to and from treatments, or other daily routines as necessary.
  • When feelings of worry arise, talk to a mental health professional or join a support group. Caregiving can sometimes result in feelings of isolation or loneliness. Speaking with a counselor or social worker can provide some relief from worries. Also, joining a caregiver support group can help you connect with others who are experiencing similar situations and provide a safe place to express your feelings and receive support.
  • Know your rights. If the company you work for has 50 or more employees and you’ve worked there for at least a year, you are probably offered unpaid leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act to provide care for your loved one. Ask your company’s human resources department for help.

Becoming a caregiver to a loved one who has cancer is a wonderful and selfless act, but it is important to remember to take care of yourself in the process. Visiting Angels’ fully trained California home care services team understands the unique challenges that cancer caregivers face. We can work with you one-on-one to develop strategies for coping with whatever emotional or practical challenges you may go through. Contact us at 800-969-0499 to learn more about our in-home care services throughout Santa Clara County as well as Fremont, Union City, Hayward, Newark, Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, and Alameda. Order an opportunity to do this is a task of professional paper, thesis, book review completed b us achieve high-quality professional writers will make the most valuable point starting from your and useful answers to your text you’ve come to misunderstanding. You can make adjustments to fulfill a high school, an order personally. 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