Home Care Services in Fremont: What Does Your Senior Loved One Really Need?

Senior man with home carer having breakfast

In our last blog post, we shared the benefits of choosing a professional home care agency to provide the highest quality and safest level of home care services in Fremont. But we often receive questions on exactly what type of services are available to help seniors remain safe and thriving at home. If you’ve decided it’s time to investigate in-home … Read More

Issues You Need to Know About When Hiring California In-Home Care Providers

The time has come – you and your loved one have decided to hire an in-home care provider, either to perform some basic duties, such as light housekeeping or to provide companionship, or to provide some health care services, such as personal care. Whatever the services your loved one may require, now that you know you need to hire someone, … Read More

Depression or Alzheimer’s? Know the Difference

Many people do not realize how similar the symptoms for dementia and depression can be, and the two can often be confused or misdiagnosed by family members. As Alzheimer’s becomes more prevalent in America, many are on the lookout for signs of the disease. Observe for the following subtle differences between the two conditions, and if you are concerned about … Read More

Staying Stress-Free & Dealing with Emotions After Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is complicated and so is the recovery period. When a loved one is recovering from heart surgery, there are some emotional aftereffects due to the frustrating lifestyle changes that he or she is suddenly forced to make. These changes are not only difficult for the heart surgery patient, but can be hard on the caregiver as well. Additionally, … Read More

The A, B, Cs of Protecting Your Heart

Certain people face risk factors for heart conditions, such as aging, gender (typically male) and heredity that cannot be avoided or changed. However, there are some major risk factors that can be easily treated or controlled with these ABCs. Avoid tobacco: If you smoke; quit. If someone in the household smokes, he or she should be encouraged to quit. It’s … Read More

Well Fed: Tips for Seniors with Eating Issues

As we age, healthy eating habits become increasingly important. However, because of certain health issues and restrictions, many older people have trouble eating well. Luckily, the Food and Drug Administration offers some solutions to several common problems that keep seniors from eating a balanced diet. Trouble Chewing: For seniors who cannot chew food well, meats and fresh fruits and vegetables … Read More

Senior Safety Tips for the Holidays

Enjoy a safe holiday with seniors in their home or yours, and consider certain safety issues. Decorating Use colorful paper garlands strung high instead of breakable objects placed within reach. Remove anything a frail elderly person may stumble over. Replace candles with bright centerpieces of fruit or flowers. Lighting Make sure all locations are properly lit, including doorways inside and … Read More

Family Holidays Can Include Seniors

Preparation is the key to any successful outing—and a day out with a frail elderly person should never be spontaneous. The first task must be to vet the activity to ensure that it is suitable for the elderly person. Consider: the amount of walking involved, and if there is parking nearby if the destination is flat or has hills or … Read More