Staying Stress-Free & Dealing with Emotions After Heart Surgery

Heart surgery is complicated and so is the recovery period. When a loved one is recovering from heart surgery, there are some emotional aftereffects due to the frustrating lifestyle changes that he or she is suddenly forced to make. These changes are not only difficult for the heart surgery patient, but can be hard on the caregiver as well.

Additionally, the patient may not be able to do the same activities as before the heart surgery. Here are a few other things of which to be aware:

  • Expect your loved one to have actively changing emotions and possible fears of death.
  • Allow time to adjust and be sure to express how both you and your loved one feel.
  • Support your loved one in making necessary lifestyle changes to prevent a recurrence or complication.
  • Make future plans and help your loved one start “living” again.
  • Accept that your roles may be temporarily reversed.
  • Take the time to simply listen.

Heart surgery is frightening for the patient and his or her loved ones, so it’s no surprise that emotions can run high. When you need a little help caring for the ones you love, Visiting Angels home care of the San Francisco Bay area will be there to help. Contact us in Alameda County at (510) 284-0000 or in Santa Clara County at (408) 735-0977 for more information.