Vising Angels Presents Questions to Ask Professional In-Home Healthcare Service Providers

San Francisco home care

San Francisco home careNow that you’ve made the decision to hire in-home healthcare services, and maybe you’ve narrowed down the agencies you’re interested in using, it’s time to look at the actual care and services that your loved one is going to need and how they’ll be provided. As with making many major decisions in life, comparing what options are available will help you select the best San Francisco area home care possible. Here is a checklist of questions that we’ve put together to help you in this process:


  • Service listing. Does the home care agency offer services specific to your loved one’s required needs? Is someone available to provide information on all services, eligibility requirements and funding sources? Is that information available online or can they send it to you?
  • Training and supervision. What formal training programs and certifications does the home care agency require of its direct care providers? What level of professional is responsible for supervising care? How often and how do the supervisors oversee the caregivers on location to ensure proper care is being provided?

Direct Care Providers

  • Length of visits. How often does the care provider visit, and how long does she stay during each visit? Does the home care agency provide care on weekends and evenings? Does the visit allow for time to talk and get to know the patient?
  • Rotation of care. Is care provided consistently by the same caregiver, or is care rotated among different people? If rotated, how often? Does the family receive advance notice when a change is being made?
  • Accessibility. Do the agency office staff and the direct care provider stay in regular contact with the family? Do they keep you informed of any changes in the patient’s health or plan of care?


  • Funding and billing. Are services covered by Medicare or MediCal? Does the home care agency supply written statements detailing costs? How often is the care invoiced?
  • Special fees. Are there fees for special or extended services? Who is responsible for them? Are payment plans available for any out-of-pocket services? Is there someone at the agency who can assist in exploring all options to pay for care?

We here at Visiting Angels can answer these questions and many more. If your loved one lives in Santa Clara or Alameda County and needs care, including specialized nursing care or respite care, call us at 408-735-0977 in Sunnyvale, or 510-284-0000 in Fremont, or use our web form. Let us help you!