High Tech Home Care

No matter what you or your loved one needs in order to live safely, there is likely a technology that can make it happen. New technological advances targeted toward seniors are allowing even more adults to safely age in the comfort of their own homes. Visiting Angels is happy to answer your most important questions:

  • When, and at what stages, can technology help seniors age safely?
  • How should we start integrating technology into the home?
  • What product types are commonly used?
  • What’s new for 2012?

The following are a few devices to consider for loved ones receiving in-home care:

  • Webcams: Installing webcams throughout the home allows both family members and caregivers the ability to virtually check in on the senior at any time. Webcams also allow family members who live far way to video chat with their loved ones.
  • Sensor Monitors: In conjunction with webcams, sensors can be placed throughout the home to track movement. These are particularly handy for seniors with wandering issues. Most sensor systems connect to a TV or computer monitor and an Internet connection.
  • Medical Alert Pendants: These handy devices have been around for a few years now, but continue to be updated to increase effectiveness. They are worn by the senior and a button is pressed in the event of a fall or other emergency, connecting the senior to 911 or another emergency response service.
  • Automatic Pill Reminders/Dispensers: These are perfect for patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. An alarm goes off, alerting the senior to take his or her medication by voice message, and dispenses the correct dosage. If the senior misses a dose, an alert is sent to the caregiver after 90 minutes.

Not sure your senior is ready to embrace technology? Let Visiting Angels help your loved one learn the benefits of simple devices. Contact us today to find out more; reach us in Alameda County at (510) 284-0000 or in Santa Clara County at (408) 735-0977.