Let’s Talk! Easy-to-Use Family Communication Tools

One of the scariest and most troubling parts of aging is the isolation that seniors often feel from their family and communities. However, while many seniors want to embrace computers and technology to stay in touch, the rapid pace and foreign concept can be daunting. The following companies and products are making a difference in the lives of seniors by simplifying the user experience—and helping families stay in touch with their aging loved ones.

Amplified Telephones

Simple Email

Mobile Phone


  • Pointer Ware, www.pointerware.com, has an approach that softens technology. It simplifies email, photo viewing, video chatting and web browsing.
  • There is an entire computer created just for seniors dubbed the Telikin computer for seniors, www.telikin.com. Telikin touts itself as the ‘world’s easiest computer’ to use and includes a screen, hard drive, and software all in one.

Video Chat

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