Living with COPD: Top Ways to Improve Life at Home

Living with COPD

Living with COPDIf you find yourself caring for a family member living with COPD, you probably understand that outdoor air irritants can worsen symptoms. However, did you know that bad air quality in the home can also be concerning? Purifying the air in the home can help everyone breathe easier and be more comfortable.

Keep the following home air purifying tips in mind:

  • No Smoking! Be sure not to smoke or allow others to smoke in the older person’s home. If there is a fireplace or wood stove in the home, be advised that it can also be a source of irritation for someone with COPD.
  • Reduce Exposure to Chemicals. Household chemicals such as paint and cleaning products can magnify COPD symptoms, so decrease the use of strong chemicals and ensure that lids remain on cleaning products while not in use. Additionally, there are healthier cleaning options like baking soda and vinegar that can be used instead.
  • Minimize the Dust. Wash bed linens weekly, clear away clutter, and keep pets off furniture to help minimize dust.
  • Filter Your Air. Install an indoor air filtration unit and make sure it has a HEPA filter. Though air pollution isn’t as bad in many rural areas as it is within the city, you can still undeniably benefit from filtering your air and eliminating any potential contaminants or toxins.
  • Sweep the Floors. Keeping the floors clean significantly reduces dust and allergen accumulation. Bear in mind that hardwood floors are much less difficult to maintain in an allergen-free state than carpets.
  • Use a Humidifier. Dry air from your home’s heating system can worsen COPD symptoms, as can air that is too moist. About 40% humidity inside the home is typically preferred for an individual with COPD.

COPD patients can breathe easier with the services of Visiting Angels’ specialized caregivers and our home care assistance that addresses:

  • Education about COPD disease management
  • Exercises to improve symptoms
  • Nutrition and dietary guidance
  • Psychosocial support
  • Skills to best contend with symptoms

Our professionally trained Fremont area home health care team will first identify individual service requirements and then develop a coordinated care plan in connection with a client’s medical professionals. Whether the need is for just a few hours each week to allow family caregivers to take a much-needed break, or if a senior requires full-time, 24-hour care – or anything in between – Visiting Angels is available to help with personalized in-home care. Call Visiting Angels today at 510-284-0000 to learn more about the ways in-home care can help.