“I Think I Can” – Promoting Independence for Seniors at Home

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As you progress through the varied phases of your life, your levels of independence can take on different meanings. They can be bigger stages, such as moving out of your parents’ home or getting married, or smaller stages, like accomplishing tasks you thought you couldn’t do. Then later, as you age, independence takes on another form – having the option … Read More

The Scientific Importance of Social Activities for Seniors

The Scientific Importance of Social Activities for Seniors

It seems intuitive to some people that interacting socially with others elevates wellbeing by maintaining connections to other people’s experiences, beliefs, problems, humor, opinions, and a host of other human happenings. Now, scientific studies are displaying the benefits of social activities for seniors that could boost the wellness of the brain and the body. The results point clearly to the … Read More

How Socialization Can Actually Improve Memory

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As we discussed in our last blog, staying social helps improve our physical health in a variety of ways. As if that wasn’t incentive enough to avoid isolation, socialization also benefits us cognitively. Just a few of the many studies outlining positive results include: The American Journal of Psychiatric Health published a study that showed social support helps protect against … Read More

Startling Link Between Socialization and Health

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There’s nothing like the warm feeling of spending time with a close friend or family member, and there’s no question that a friendly visit with a loved one can boost your mood and morale. But surprisingly, socialization – or lack of it – can also impact our physical health. Staying Social Reduces Risk of Disability A Rush University Medical Center … Read More

4 Ways Social Media Benefits Seniors

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The world has certainly gotten smaller since the advent of the Internet, and it’s easier than ever before to stay connected with friends and family at a distance. For seniors who may be homebound or experiencing periods of isolation, tapping into online resources like Facebook, Twitter, and Skype can provide a breath of new life and social engagement, and have … Read More

Protect Seniors from Isolation Through In-Home Care

Everyone needs a little time to get away from it all, to be alone with our thoughts or to settle in with a good book. But when that alone time becomes excessive, we become at risk for social isolation – an all too common occurrence as we age. And its effects are more detrimental than you may realize, with the … Read More