California Home Care Services Team Explains COPD Diagnosis & Treatment

California Home Care Services

There are times when receiving a definitive diagnosis for debilitating symptoms is actually a relief. Suddenly, the condition has a name, and there’s a way to treat it! This is definitely true when it comes to COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). If your senior loved one has been struggling with such symptoms as chronic coughing, wheezing, and fatigue, a diagnosis … Read More

How to Choose the Best Senior Care in California: Home Care or Assisted Living

Senior Home Care Palo Alto

Home is where the heart is, and most seniors’ hearts are set on remaining at home throughout the aging process, rather than moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home – nearly 90% of them, according to AARP. And who can blame them? Feeling comfortable in familiar surroundings, having the independence to come and go as you desire, experiencing … Read More

Family Holidays Can Include Seniors

Preparation is the key to any successful outing—and a day out with a frail elderly person should never be spontaneous. The first task must be to vet the activity to ensure that it is suitable for the elderly person. Consider: the amount of walking involved, and if there is parking nearby if the destination is flat or has hills or … Read More

Stress-Free Holidays: Caring for the Family Caregiver

Without holiday traditions and activities, it just wouldn’t seem like the holidays. For each fun activity, like purchasing thoughtful gifts, writing holiday cards, trimming the tree, decorating the home, hanging pretty twinkle lights, and baking and cooking delicious food for holiday parties, there are additional responsibilities like addressing and stamping envelopes, shopping for ingredients, budgeting for gifts, and keeping the … Read More