3 Tips for Choosing an Alameda or Santa Clara County Home Caregiver

Santa Clara County Home Caregiver

Finding caregivers in Santa Clara or Alameda County can be a daunting task. The people you hire will be coming into your loved one’s home to perform personal care for and to spend time with someone you love. These people need to be dependable, honest, reliable and, above all, people that your loved one wants to spend time with. That’s … Read More

Stress-Free Holidays: Caring for the Family Caregiver

Without holiday traditions and activities, it just wouldn’t seem like the holidays. For each fun activity, like purchasing thoughtful gifts, writing holiday cards, trimming the tree, decorating the home, hanging pretty twinkle lights, and baking and cooking delicious food for holiday parties, there are additional responsibilities like addressing and stamping envelopes, shopping for ingredients, budgeting for gifts, and keeping the … Read More