Watch for These Red Flags of Senior Abuse

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While senior abuse is something we wish never happened, it’s a tragically common occurrence in the U.S.Senior abuse occurs in many forms, from physical to emotional, and it impacts the most frail and vulnerable among us. Since senior abuse is often an unspoken problem, it’s crucial for families and friends of seniors to be aware of the warning signs that … Read More

Top Factors that Could Increase the Risk of Elder Abuse for Your Senior Loved One

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Ensuring that older adults remain healthy, safe and independent is the goal of our professional senior care team at Visiting Angels home care, Sunnyvale, CA, but it’s also a priority for every family caregiver who helps take care of a senior loved one. Since the health and wellbeing of seniors is so crucial, it’s important to address something that can … Read More

The Alarming Escalation of Elder Fraud

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Taking advantage of the elderly and their finances is nothing new, unfortunately, and is becoming more and more prevalent. In fact, according to, elder fraud costs older adults more than $2.9 billion per year. One particularly disturbing trend is that of a perpetrator calling an elderly victim, posing as a grandchild in crisis and begging for money. What grandparent … Read More