Deck the Halls Right for Safer Holidays for Seniors

Holidays for Seniors

The holiday season presents a wonderful chance for you to visit with senior loved ones that you may not have been able to spend a lot of quality time with for a while. Additionally, it is a very good time to see to it that holidays for seniors are safe in addition to being joyful. Whether your older loved one … Read More

Exercises to Help Seniors Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Fall prevention

According to the CDC, one out of three older adults falls each year, but less than half of those adults talk to their healthcare provider about it. When a senior experiences a fall, even if it does not result in injury, he can develop a fear of falling, which may cause the senior to limit his activities, leading to reduced … Read More

Help Seniors Stay Safe at Home with Visiting Angels’ Tips to Prevent Trips

Senior fall prevention

Taking a tumble is never fun, but for an elderly person, a fall can have devastating effects, such as hip fracture, and even lead to a chain reaction of health problems. One-fourth of older adults who fracture a hip die within six months of the injury; a startling, yet preventable statistic. Making some simple modifications to the home can help … Read More