How to Discuss the Possibility of Home Care in Sunnyvale with Loved Ones

home care in sunnyvale

As we begin to age, there comes a time when we simply cannot do certain things for ourselves anymore. Small initial concerns can become genuine worries for our loved ones’ safety. If you determine there’s a safety issue that cannot be ignored, approach the senior with a sense of planning to find a solution rather than trying to enforce any … Read More

Gentle and Effective Conversation Starters for When Home Care May Be Needed

talking about home care

So you’ve decided it’s becoming unsafe for your elderly loved one to remain at home alone. Introducing the idea of a caregiver, however, is often met with objections. Who wants to admit that they can no longer manage on their own? And who wants a “stranger” coming into the house each day, taking over the things you’ve always done for … Read More